Our story
started 30 years ago.

We are a professional and personalized landscaping company. Founded in 1985 and dedicated to all services related to gardening: cultivation of plants, design, realization and maintenance of gardens.

Over these past 30 years we have executed many projects and have gained a large amount of experience, with total guarantee of our plants and works.

Floryplant Paisajismo y Jardinería
Floryplant Paisajismo y Jardinería


Plants are to a garden
what harmony is to music.

Landscaping is the art of combining plants to create a beautiful space, taking into consideration volume and time.

This means the integration into one environment natural, human and cultural elements, with creativity and organization.

“Every garden should have a conducting thread which gives it harmony in the space it occupies”.


Discover our surprising
and particular garden.

Within our facilities with have a large variety of plants, all perfectly climatized and prepared to be planted in any garden with complete guarantee.

Floryplant Paisajismo y Jardinería
Floryplant Paisajismo y Jardinería


Sustainability and harmony
with the environment are the basic rules
for our designs.

When we start a design “in situ” in a garden, the first thing we do is study the terrain and soil, different levels and existing vegetation; imagining possible solutions and uses in its totality.

We have a talk with the client to get to know their preferences regarding plants, colors and type of garden. With this base we proceed with the design.

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