Our story started 30 years ago.

We are a professional and personalized landscaping company. Founded in 1985 and dedicated to all services related to gardening: cultivation of plants, design, realization and maintenance of gardens.

Over these past 30 years we have executed many projects and have gained a large amount of experience, with total guarantee of our plants and works.

We have a professional and qualified team, with all the mechanical means to be able to carry out any gardening and landscaping project.

The client can see and choose personally the plants which they like regarding their shape, size and peculiarities from our nursery.

We are located on the right side of the Guadalmansa River – with over 70.000 m2 of nature: trees, palm trees and other plants.

 “Un jardín bien estructurado siempre es agradecido, tiene su propio carácter, es único y personal.”



We design every garden keeping in mind future maintenance, guaranteeing durability of the garden over time.



Within our facilities with have a large variety of plants, all perfectly climatized and prepared to be planted in any garden with complete guarantee.



We carry out our gardening projects adapting ourselves to the sensibility of the client, being always generous with the landscaping environment.

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