Everything is related
by forms, colours, materials and plants

Landscaping is the art of combining plants to create a beautiful space, taking into consideration volume and time.

This means the integration into one environment natural, human and cultural elements, with creativity and organization.

“Every garden should have a conducting thread which gives it harmony in the space it occupies”.

Floryplant offers a complete study of all aspects of the project: design, planning, execution, follow-up and maintenance.

We design every garden keeping in mind future maintenance, guaranteeing durability of the garden over time

““Every garden should have a conducting thread which gives it harmony in the space it occupies”.”

Type of gardens

The gardens are green areas with characteristics and styles defined by the climate, type of ground and environment. Over time, its design evolved to provide peace and harmony for our lives.

Classic Mediterranean garden

A well-designed Mediterranean garden is full
of sensations, colours, aromas, beauty and personality.

This type of garden has a robust, clear and equilibrated structure, in which focal points can be well defined, well-formed hedges, tree group or individual plantation; we can create ambiences with calm or splashing waters; constructing paths, rest areas, using noble materials such as: rock, gravel, wood, etc.

Minimalist garden

In the design of this garden each plant has to be carefully selected in order to carry out the desired function perfectly.

Each area of the garden is well defined with a few ornaments, few vegetation elements and the main complements are stones and water.

Given the simplicity of these gardens they require little maintenance.

Cactus and succulents garden

A cactus, agaves and succulents garden located in the right place has a great visual impact, as they are plants with plenty of character and personality.

In the design of these gardens the shapes and colours are very singular, and create exotic ambiences of great beauty using rocks, gravel and shingles.

They need little maintenance and are very resistant with different climates and also need little water.

Jardín Zen

Zen gardens

A Zen garden is a space created for meditation, enjoyment of shapes and beauty in the most minimal aspects.

It is a tranquil garden where peace dominates, each element used has its own weight in the place it occupies, including still water or gently flowing water.

The design is to emulate a natural landscape in all its serenity. The main elements are: stone, water and rich green plants, disposed in asymmetric configurations.

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